Meet the Blogger

Hi there, I’m Callie! I live in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley with my fiance, Bryce, and our two dogs, Booker and Renney. 

The first iteration of Coffee and Cardigans happened back in 2012. If you remember those days, I appreciate you for sticking with me this long, my friend. Back then, I was a college freshman, blogging about personal style and budget fashion. But now, you’re lucky to catch me in anything but scrubs and yoga pants. 

I started Coffee and Cardigans back up in 2024 to document a new chapter. Whenever someone asks me what I’m blogging about now, I don’t have a well-crafted synopsis. But to put it simply, it’s my unofficial guide to building a “Wholehearted Life.”

Want Some Context?

After almost a decade working in public relations, I hit my early thirties in a state of complete burnout. I hated my job and business, my mental health was suffering, and my physical health was even worse. And I was determined not to let anyone see that struggle. 

But through some harsh moments of self-actualization, I started to recognize the problem. I was only living part of my life… And that’s where the concept of “wholehearted living” came from. It’s the principle that is helping me:

  • Show up as the same version of myself in every area of my life
  • Accept that I am enough right now and in this moment
  • Dump my old career and start from ground zero at 32
  • Get honest about what I really wanted in my life
  • Put my emotional, emotional, and physical well-being first
  • Quit trying to draw lines, compartmentalize, and segment my life
  • Stop craving acceptance from other people and exist for myself

Now, I want to help other millennial women do the very same. Social media is not usually an accurate representation of who we are. We edit and curate an Instagram-worthy life. But too often, I see those same habits carried over into real life in an attempt to show other people that “we have our shit together.”

Frankly, it's exhausting. Online and IRL.

On that note, welcome to my corner of the internet. Around here, we are all about showing up as our whole selves. And I’m so excited to have you here. You’ll usually find me writing about nursing school, working at a nonprofit, planning a wedding, getting back to healthy habits, decorating our new house, and everything else that life brings along—in all its messy, authentic goodness.

I hope Coffee and Cardigans gives you a little something, even if it’s just a reminder to show up authentically in your own life. And I would love to hear from you along your journey. Send me an email, shoot me a DM, or hell, mail me a letter!

Email: gislercallie@gmail.com
Website: calliegisler.com