The Mistake That Cost Me $1,468.34—And My Sense of Self

Letting others define you comes at a cost. My final bill was $1,468.34. It’s the total I charged to my credit card as I bought back the domain name for a lifestyle blog I had killed off years ago at the “career advice” of a trusted college professor. I still remember her words vividly. I was in my senior year of college, sitting in her office with my resume and portfolio material spread out across her wooden desk.  “No one is going to take you

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Hey there!

Pour yourself a cup of coffee and take a seat! I’m Callie, the writer and over-caffeinated optimist behind Coffee and Cardigans. My blogging journey started back in 2012. Almost a decade later, Coffee and Cardigans came back to life as a place to document daily life—from quitting my day job and starting my own business, to turning 30 and navigating adulthood.

Away from the blog, I run Coffeehouse Communications, a boutique communications agency for purpose-driven brands. I’m also the obsessed dog mom of two tenacious corgi pups named Renney and Booker. I live with my amazing partner—known around here as B—in Oregon, where you can usually find me sipping my way through the region’s many coffee shops, breweries, and wineries.

Thank you for reading along, friend!

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